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Msgr Bux: "The Amazonian post-synodal exhortation? It has "cracks" "

Claudio C.



The Amazonian post-synodal exhortation? A document that presents "cracks". Word of Don Nicola Bux in a new interview by Vito Palmiotti

In recent days it has presented expectations. A exhortation now published, what scenarios do you think will open?

The bishops of the Amazon will ask the competent Authority, the Pope - as foreseen by the Exhortation - because of their particular situation, to be able to use the final document of the Synod, to meet the needs of the communities, since what it says about it can be understood, from the canonical point of view, as an approval expressed in the light of the apostolic constitution of September 2018, Episcopalis Communio. We understand what those needs are. Moreover, there are in this exhortation of problematic openings perhaps far greater than the theme of celibacy itself, which has almost completely absorbed the debate, putting other critical issues concerning the Amazon synod in the background.

Did the book of Benedict XVI and Sarah exercise its weight?

Although it has been said by official sources that the document was ready before, since December, it is clear to me that it is not so: indeed, that the very book in question has prompted to drastically review the fourth part of the Exhortation, which however presents cracks in the which to insert what is left out.

What can we get from the story?

Benedict XVI and card. Sarah testified to the importance of Catholic thought. To make people think is the task of philosophy, said Paul Ricoeur. The activism prevalent today in the Church and beyond does not help, in fact, it drives many away. Those who are Catholics must, with determination, affirm the truth, and wait patiently for the time of grace that Providence prepares. The Church as a whole cannot incur heresy. If we are members of a body: there are no sociological and political laws but the reality of grace prevails, an ontological and supernatural reality that makes man holy and pleasing to God.

What do you think of the next bishops' event in Bari "The Mediterranean frontier of peace. A laboratory of synodality and commitment between churches and peoples.

Many Catholics and non-Catholics expect the Church to make Jesus Christ and his Gospel known: this is why it was established by its Founder. Or should we resort to the deformations of Sanremo and Benigni? The rest is political and leaves the time it finds. The Holy Spirit tells us that the world can be saved by Christ, not by others, and that the Church can be reinvigorated by herself, not by others.



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